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The best puzzzle game on the Wii. period.

          Whats makes World of Goo an outstanding Wii game? Simplistic yet addictive gameplay, fantastic physics, unique design and charming characters, great co-op, and a great story. I have owned a Wii for years and not till' now have I been so excited to own one.
 World of Goo is simple: you drag small balls of goo and stick them together to make towers, bridges, and other various structures to get to a pipe that sucks the remaining goo up. To complete the level you must meet the requirement of remaining goo. If you get any extra they are sent to the goo corporation, here you build them as high as you can to top others around thee world. The height of their tower shows up on clouds around your tower. things like this unique leaderboard system is exactly what makes this game awsome: simplistic yet exciting design.
The story of this amazing. It is mostly held together with a series of signs left in each level by the mysterious sign painter. These either help or confuse you, but you still get the story, even if it is just a little bit at a time.
This game is hard, but it still feels like you accomplished something. One thing I hate in puzzle games is the frustration. This factor is thankfully missing in this game, where every challenge feels fair and skill driven.
The co-op is basically that, two pointers instead of one, but still its well setup and fun. What more do you want?
One more thing: Go buy this game! If you complain you want good wii games, and you haven't bought this game, you have no excuse.

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