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Great Start for a F2P MMO 0

You might have seen it on banners around the internet... yet another free game that you've never heard of before, and they want you to play it. Most people would've have dismissed it by then, and not without good reason; with very few exceptions, most free-to-play games aren't worth your time and, ultimately, any of your money. However, this time, I considered things a little differently. You could say the name "World of Tanks" is what stopped me in my tracks ( LOL PUN). I read a little and deci...

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If you have the time and patience, World of Tanks can be an incredibly rewarding game. 0

It's not often that a free-to-play game enjoys the amount of success that World of Tanks has in the past couple of years. While massively more popular in countries like Russia and Belarus, World of Tanks has steadily earned followers across the rest of the world as well, and for good reason. The large competitive multiplayer battles that make up this game form an exhilarating experience that anyone should try. And why not try it? It's free. Who knows? Maybe you'll end up not only spending money ...

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Surpringly addictive 0

I must admit that I have quite a fondness for all military type games, and this one has taken all my time up recently. The gameplay is just downright addictive, and there is nothing more satisfying than blowing up an opponents tank. As a free game I was a bit sceptical that it would be hard to keep up with paying players, but this hasn't proven to be the case. The whole thing is handled very fairly. The initial install is a bit of a chore, but after that it is very quick to get into a game an...

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