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World of Warcraft

Well the first time i played this game i have to admit, i was bored after 2 hours of gameplay. The quests were repetetive, the combat was slow and i got so used to playing new advance games that the graphics were a big let down to me, so i cancelled after the first month.


A year later my friend decided to play WoW so i decided to reactivate my account and start from scratch, and i have to say, the genre of the title 'Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game' isnt called that for shits and giggles.
The game opens up a whole new level when you're playing with a friend, u find yourself leveling up a lot quicker, getting more quests done, and there's also a little bit of a competetive streak when it's someone you know and all of a sudden, you don't care about the graphical capabilities of the game, you don't care that you have to kill 20 of the same thing to get one quest done, and you don't care that you have work at 9 tomorrow morning, cos you wana get this quest done, and while you're at it you might as well go see the druid trainer and pick up that quest u found on the way, and go talk to that guy you finished a quest for earlier and just have a walk up to that mountain cos you think you can see an entrance to a cave, and take the zeppelin so you are ready to meet you're friend tomorrow night.

Now if you'll excuse me i need to go play WoW :P

Posted by Mr_Steve

Get of the stage!,
this is so true WoW solo is a bad idea but follow the bibles guide and its win x 10

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