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Everyone should have played this

World of Warcraft was originally released in 2004, setting a new standard in the MMO (Massive Multplayer Online) genre, making the biggest Online RPG known to man, Not only does it feel right everything combined makes World of Warcraft an awesome and unique experience.

You start out making a character, not many things to choose from character customization wise but the classes make the difference big difference and of course the gear you collect/earn while playing make your character stand out. Now it does a lot of things the same as any other MMO, except for the fact that Quests have a good storyline and you actually feel that you are doing it for something, after all... This game is not about getting levels, but maxing out your character on level 60, 70 or soon 80.

The Classes in this game are very well balanced and very unique, not only the way they work but also the skills they get, attacks they can use but more importantly the Talent Tree. The talent tree allows players to perfect in one of the 3 tree's a class have. For example a basic healing class can focus on healing, dps or maybe survival or tankin(Paladins) This gives the game a very big verity between the classes and almost give 3 differently classes for each individual class. How this works is, after you hit level 10 you get a talent point for each level you gain. Spending this in a certain tree makes you specialize in that kind of way.

The gameplay is amazing and the talent tree's make this game balanced and very unique giving each race and class a completely different feel in sense of gameplay. There are many ways to get gear for the game, being high end PvE (Played versus Enviorment) or PvP (played vs player) getting gear big ass raid instances with 20 to 40 ppl, discovering tactics and facing some of the most unique and awesome boss fights known in games. Boss fights that can take hours/days/weeks to be figured out and perfected, giving you and your mates that awesome thrill when you first take down the boss and loot it's precious epics and/or legendaries.

Gear plays a big role in the game as the level is capped to 70 (since bc) people will have to get gear in order to max out there damage and being clever with sockets as they can gem their gear with different stats which you think are useful to use in different kinds of situations. But not only buy raiding content can you get gear, since a patch in the old wow, battlegrounds were introduced, which let the player get into a random raid against horde or alliance and try to get an objective done before the other side does so. Giving you honor points for killing blows, kills and the amount of battlegrounds won. With these points you can get PvP gear which are basically high stamina and the newly added resilience stat + some extra stats that might be useful. But since the Burning Crusade was launched a new form of PvP was introduced, Arena's.

Arena's are 2vs2, 3vs3 or 5vs5 battles with teams you make together with mates and you go for as many won matched as you can get, giving you a rank in order to obtain very nice PvP gear. Making a big difference between PvE and PvP in the game and make it more appealing to different kind of players.

Besides combat there is a whole big world to explore, quests to complete rewards (Other then gear) to obtain and buy/ride a mount which allows you to travel faster. But not only that, every zone is unique in it's way and there is a lot to like about a lot of different non-playable races, which keeps you enjoying to come back. Also there is a very nice trade skill system in the game which allows players to choose between several professions and specialize in 2. giving you options to create armor, potions and gems...  All these professions are very different and very useful if not needed in order to max out your game play experience as the is a Auction House where you can try to sell made stuff or armor/items you find while grinding/question or doing instances.

All wrapped up this game is very unique and sets a new standard like I said, there is a lot to do to appeal to a lot of different kind of players. Of course it takes a lot of your time but if you are a fan of the Genre, this is the game YOU should play.

I might have missed a lot but all wrapped up this is what I thought was worth telling, power to the gamers.


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Posted by GamesWarden

'Everyone' ?

Posted by Osiris

Yeah you're right.

Posted by Gamer_152

Just a little feedback on the review. I thought you did a good job of covering all the major elements of WoW and gave a fairly good outline of the general features but there are a few issues I have. The English could be better and quality of things like sound and graphics weren't mentioned, but I also don't feel this review really explains what makes WoW as amazing as you say it is. You make some statements that in general are true about most WoW-like video games but there's a ridiculous number of MMOs out there, why do you think WoW should be the one MMO that everyone has to play?

Posted by Osiris

Thanks for the feedback mate. Yes indeed I have to agree that I forgot some of the standard things such as graphics and sound. I didn't really make a plan of how to write the review, I was just bored and wanted to write something about the game I loved so I began writing, changed some things along the way and didn't really read over it enough after I was done, so the English is rather bad and the review is very sloppy. That and the fact that I never wrote a proper review before. 
 A while back  I was actually thinking of re-writing the review. But I think it's better if I just leave this as my 'first' review, move on and maybe write one for the upcoming expansion or any other game I find interesting enough to write about. 
Anyway, thanks again for the feedback! Next time I will make a plan before hand, think about what exactly I want to say and cover and not forget the standard elements of a review, like sound and graphics. 

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