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Wulfgar Is from a barbarian village that plagued the ten towns when He was a kid. One day the barbarians decided they were going to try and take over ten towns so they all amassed and marched towards the town, but they didnt excpect the bruenor clan of dwarves to be helping the humans in the ten towns. During the battle Wulfgar only armed with a pole smacked the leader of the clan of dwarves bruenor and broke one of the horns off his helmet so bruenor tackled him and killed some of the barbarians after the humans and dwarves made the barbarians retreat Bruenor walked over to Wulfgar and told him that he must be his slave for 10 years. Over the years bruenor started to treat Wulfgar like a son after 9 and a half  years was up bruenor started to work on his finest creation he was ever going to make he made a mithril warhammer that  When you throw it, it came back to you when you yelled Aegis Fang!, he gave it to Wulfgar as a gift and told him to practice using it With bruenors friend Drizzt Drizzt taught him how to use the Hammer and then They all had many adventures fighiting enemies much like the game dungeons and dragons.

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