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It Might Be Time For a Break 1

 THQ and Yuke's is back, yet again, with their annual installment of SD v RAW, a series I have enjoyed less on an annual basis. THQ is constantly changing their engine (a lot more than a lot of critics want to give them credit for), but it seems that they are making oddly BAD choices in their changes. They have managed to eliminate one of the major annoyances of the franchise, but left other ones that are BIGGER annoyances and have been horribly annoying for longer periods of time. THQ f...

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Climbing the ladder of Success 1

The THQ developed Smackdown games may be considered by many distinctly average and the same old shit recycled every year. Well since WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007 came out they have been right until now. This year’s game features the following: Over 70 SuperstarsA ton of match typesA match creatorBrand new Havok physics engineWWE Universe mode5 Road to Wrestlemania storiesImproved online12 man online Royal RumbleCommunity creations What surprised me the most in this game was the new physics engine...

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Its better then 2 stars. 0

This game is better then 2 stars. If you like WWE you'll like this game. Downloading almost perfect wrestlers from other/older wrestling venues is easy and adding there entrance music and videos is a blast. New age outlaws vs the Outsiders, Brock Lesner vs Rick Flair. Kevin Nash vs Big Papa Pump.Unlike last year you can edit most Community created content. On the PS3 adding music is easy, find it on the internet and pin drive it right over to the console. Seeing Hollywood Hogan walk down the Nit...

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Not Yet Ready for the Main Event 0

The SmackDown! series has been around for over a decade now. Each year, THQ releases another installment which sees some improvements. But essentially, it suffers from the same fate of most yearly sports releases - it's essentially more of the same.   That's not to say that "more of the same" is necessarily a bad thing. Fans of the franchise have come to expect the same basic gameplay year after year that they've grown to love, but with new additions. And some of these additions are actually pre...

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