Silicon Knights developing X-Men: Destiny!

#1 Posted by xyzygy (9993 posts) -

This seems like a pretty cool teaming. Activision's publishing it and it's for 360 and PS3. It seems to be about creating your own X-Man, the trailer in my link talks about a mutant choosing his powers and destiny. So that's what I'm assuming.
I hope it's an RPG, too. An X-Men RPG would be awesome. Yes I know there are the Legends series but I mean something different. Still, I was hoping that SK would improve upon Too Human and make a sequel because I loved Too Human to death. It had shit tons of gear and items and collectables and an awesome weapon creation and customization, and I loved the story and setting. But still, this could be good! 

#2 Posted by CountRockula (398 posts) -

I'm going to take the reference to choosing your destiny as a sign that this game will be a Mortal Kombat cross-over.  Also, spell-check on this site really shouldn't try to correct me when I type Kombat.

#3 Posted by Malakhii (1443 posts) -

Seems like it's gonna be an RPG. My guess is make a young mutant, recruit your party, choose between X-Men and Brotherhood of Mutants. 

#4 Posted by HistoryInRust (6315 posts) -

If we're lucky, we'll see this game before the next generation of consoles.

#5 Posted by TheChaos (1158 posts) -

Wasn't comic vine going to cover this game weeks ago?

Is this game vapor-ware now?

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