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Bring down the mutie threat. 0

One looks back at the lineage of X-Men games over the years, and sees that it’s a flimsy one. There have been great games, there have been less than great games. One can make the argument that the future for all mutantkind progressed as a species once LJN got their mitts off the franchise. But the one consistent fact about all of those titles is that they only have a skin-deep understanding of X-Men’s themes. You are with the good mutants, Magneto is with the bad mutants, you let the o...

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Silicon Knights Not Doing Well 0

It's not been a kind console generation for our friends at Silicon Knights. After some pretty well regarded efforts on the Gamecube, they came into this generation with some momentum. Tragically, the momentum is dead and Silicon Knights is morphing into one of those companies whose output becomes a huge concern before you play the game. Too Human wasn't openly terrible, just brutally sub-par in almost every single way. Now, they are given the X-Men license to attempt to make a good, playable RPG...

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X-Brand Men... Made in China 0

first off, this game feels like a late ps2 game, a launch 360 game, or a cheap downloadable action game. it also feels like someone in china is creating a game based on an x-men game, called ex-man: destiny of bad rip off, which is a free to play instanced mmo where you get to choose you character skin and basic personality/background from a list of ideas that got cut from the list of good ideas... except the thinner male, he had a good base premise, but his character was to weak to make it wort...

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sickingly easy. 1

After reading such horrible reviews about this game i spent $2.00 of my hard earned money to play it. I got it home and took a deep breathe before inserting it into the console. Since this title has been out for a little while I was suprised after the game booted that there was no update. Since i admittedly hated this game before i even played it i laughed and thought what a horrible experiance this was about to be. Now we start the REAL review.I'll open with saying I'm being very kind by giving...

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Do you want a good example of a good X-Men game? 0

Well, here you'll have more than one.Examples of good X-Men games:*X-Men Arcade*X-Men Mutant Academy*X-men Legends 1*X-Men Legends 2*X-Men Rise of the Imperfects**Even X-Men: the official gameExamples of bad X-Men games:*X-Men: Destiny*X-Men: Destiny*X-Men: Destiny*X-Men: DestinyEven **X-Men: Destiny, which has blocky graphics, repetitive gameplay, no facial animation, cookie-cut dialogues, chopped editing, boring platforming and powers FX that look really awful. It has a pro though in the form ...

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Promises so much, yet delivers so little. 0

When X-Men Destiny was first announced, I have to admit I was excited at the premise. As a huge X-Men fan, the thought of taking control of a brand new mutant just moments after their powers had manifested, and choosing what powers those would be and how they would shape themselves was mouth-watering. Unfortunately, as happens all too often in this medium, the end result does not line up with the pre-release hype.One of the coolest parts of this game is Gambit, and even then its not that cool.X-...

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