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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Like anyone else i like the button basher slashers, but this one i enjoyed perticularly. Mostly cause the fact that it lets us play a wolverine fans have been wanting to play for years. The fact that the opening of the game involves you landing on a soldier after falling a couple of thousand feet sums it up really. the game continues in the same vain. it is extremely violent which lets face it, thats what the character is all about.

The presintation of the game is great, with the real time Hugh Jackman looking like real life Hugh Jackman . The surroundings are clean with no lack of detail and the environments are varried to avoid repitition. These range from the african jungles to a sentinal production facility. It is also a nice touch that Hugh Jackman and Liev Schriber supply the voices which rounds off the package nicely.

With any button basher the controls are a no brainer, it is easy to cut several enemies to pieces with the X or Y button or execute a quick kill grab (which are amazing and vary from enemy to enemy). This does however get repetitive and leaves you wanting a bit more and is the major flaw of the game. Another repetitive part of the game is the boss battles where you must do the same thing over and over no matter what boss it is (there is an exception with two bosses but i wont spoil it but there are obvious).

There is a good amount of hours in this for a movie tie in as they expand the story and move away a bit from the movie (and doing a much better job in my opinion) and you may be tempted to play through again as this game is an achievement bonanza and it is very easy to rack up the gamer points. If it is not worth a buy to you, i would highly recommend a rent or two as it is worth playing and showing there is hope for movie games yet.

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