Help Pick My New Gamertag

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#51 Posted by BlindEffekt (917 posts) -

Or Backstreetboyfan08

#52 Posted by Nibbz (203 posts) -


#53 Posted by SamFo (1570 posts) -

How bout SamFo2

#54 Posted by BlindEffekt (917 posts) -


#55 Posted by jordaninuyasha (1 posts) -
Thats my gamertag, wtf! Original TestIKills here!
#56 Posted by Ineedaname (4319 posts) -

My was from Microsoft, I put in what I'd normally use it was taken, and from now where came "LivingNewt" I was like what relevance does that have to what I originally put in? The answer, none, so I took it as my name.

#57 Posted by Hairydutchman (1040 posts) -


#58 Posted by Zachariahus (131 posts) -
@BlindEffekt said:
" Dark Carwasher 2x "
dude. Dark Cat Washer 2x. winrar.
#59 Posted by iam3green (14390 posts) -

i came up with my gamertag by not knowing what to get so i just added Xscottz. i couldn't think of a gamertag so that is what i came up with.

i just think that u should come up with something unusual, like sodacan or something like that.

#60 Posted by JJWeatherman (14575 posts) -
@joshuapohl:  Go with "Mayor Muffins" it's got class....   :P
#61 Posted by buzz_clik (7038 posts) -

"Professor Latency"

My gamertag's from a picture of a robot I drew in high school.

#62 Posted by Demodocus (237 posts) -


#63 Posted by JJOR64 (19093 posts) -

Why in the hell did this 11month year old thread get bumped?

#64 Posted by TeflonBilly (4713 posts) -

#65 Posted by lemon360 (1102 posts) -
@joshuapohl: lets see, heres some ideas: Chiverug, SuperDude69, charietuna, and prooverhere
#66 Posted by Stang (4726 posts) -

Captain Queef.

Whoever uses that will be my idol.

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