Trials Evolution vs. Gotham City Imposters, which one to get?

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I really want a game to hold me over for the next week or two until I move back to college. For those that have played these games which do you recommend? Is the community on GCI still good? And if I am not a huge motocross fan would I still love Trials as much as all the reviews do?

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Trials is the only right answer.

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Trials for sure. GCI is solid, but you won't have much time to level up in it anyway. I don't care a lick about motocross and I loved Trials.

#4 Posted by Omnomnivore (2940 posts) -

That's like trying to knock both pins down in 7/10 split...they are just too far apart!

I really liked Trials - but the rage that is created makes you want to digitally throw it away. However, GCI is a unique (but still the same old formula) shooter and depending on your genre likes, can be a blast for a week or a trial of boredom.

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I'd go for trials as GCI from what I've played is still fairly generic but its eccentricities is an acquired taste Trials is fun no matter what you like, although it can get infuriatingly difficult at times.

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I hear that a lot. It seems like the mass consensus so far is Trials. Hopefully I can get over the difficulty and improve enough in it to put down some good times. Thanks everyone!
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I assume, as with most pure multiplayer XBLA titles, Gotham City Impostors will be mostly dead, so get Trials.

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I personally love Gotham City Impostors and there are still a lot of people who play it online. To me, it has a mixture of Halo and CoD but with a fun/comical cartoon feel to it.

But to be honest I've never played Trails :-/ so I guess my suggestions is really only one way.

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Trials. Gotham City Imposters is pretty good, but eventually the online side of things will die off and the game will be basically useless, so wait for it to be cheap or something.

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Trials, man!

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I haven't played GCI, but I fricken LOVE Trials!!!

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