Xbox Red Ringed... Send it in or buy new?

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#1 Posted by Waterboi (30 posts) -

My Xbox just red ringed. Ive sent it in before and had it repaired for red rings during the warranty, but now i don't know if i should bother sending it in or just buying a new one. How much would sending it in cost? If i should buy new, which bundle?



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If you bought a new, Make sure you only get the slim (new black model) Because from everything that I have read on it, it supposedly fixed the RR problem. Sending it in will probably cost you around 100-150$ to fix if its not under the warrenty which is almost not worth it.

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#3 Posted by SteamPunkJin (1283 posts) -

 I think it's somewhere in the $100-$150 range to have a box repaired - refurbished box from GameStop will run you $99, you can toss your current HDD on it and it'll be good as. Personally I'd just as soon send it back to MS - at least it'll get another 90 day warranty.
If this is your 3rd replacement or later ask them about doing an 'Advanced Replacement' - they will ask you for a Credit Card number and ship you a new box, you then turn around and mail the broken one back, in the box the new one came in. So long as you do it in time your credit card is never charged.

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Buy a new one. They look nicer/cooler and it won't red ring.

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Just find some local modder and he will propably fix the RROD for under 40 bucks.

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if it costs 150 to repaIR an old phat , then that should be a crime because lol those are phased out , and at the pawn they are 99 dollars, gamestop sells the core for the same price lol so ya better off getting a new or a used slim xbox360 if you dont wanna risk it buy new, but i bought used and so far so good , ill tell ya in a yr how this does ,

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It sounds like you've got one of the older models. I'd recommend buying one of the new slim black Xboxs instead of getting that thing repaired.

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Thanks guys. Probably get a new one soon enough. Gotta get the money... may wait for the Bundle with Reach and Fable... though Fable kinda sucks and I'm not a huge Halo fan

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Christmas is coming and retailers will soon be discounting and throwing in extras like $50 store credit with a console purchase.

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If it will still be under warranty, then definitely send it in. Depending on the money situation, you may or may not want to buy another one, too. If it's not under warrant and you would have to spend some amount to have it repaired, then buying a new one is probably the better bet.

I picked up a new system the first time mine died and that way I always have a spare. I know that's not something everyone or maybe even most people can or are willing to do, but if it's an option, it makes the repair process tolerable.

Anyway, it looks like you're a kid, right? And the image on your profile makes it look like you're into a lot of tech stuff. Maybe even HAM radio or something? My guess is you're a decent kid who doesn't piss off his parents that much? If that's the case, call in those fucking markers and suck up to your parents like a mother fucker until Christmas and don't stop dropping hints about how you need a new 360.

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