Best AA Batteries for Gamepad

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I'm using DURACELL Turbo batteries but is there better batteries which lasts longer?

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Get a couple of pairs of Eneloops and you won't have to buy disposable batteries anymore.

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Eneloops are THE battery to get.

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Alan Wake says Energizer.

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Eneloops as suggested above, a fairly minimal investment for some rechargeable batteries that last for freaking ever

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I have a couple of pairs of rechargeable AAs that are intended for digital cameras, and they work really well -- I suspect they are in about the same league as Eneloops. Some batteries list their charge, if I'm not mistaken, in mAh (milliampere hours) on the battery itself. Look for anything that specifies around 2000mAh or more and you should be in great shape.

I hope that helps.

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Play and charge kit.

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I just keep it plugged in or buy a rechargeable pack. Last time I had to use them were my gameboy colour. With them I would just go to the dollar store and buy one of those giant packs of 24+ batteries and pour them out into a bowl and keep them handy. The only problem is you will go through them like candy. So make sure to keep a lot around you will be fine and dandy.

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I bought a huge pack of batteries from the dollarstore whilst I wait for Eneloops to arrive. So far they've been lasting for ages, shocked and surprised.

Can't be bothered with play and charge kit would rather have Eneloops plugged in charging and ready to swap out as and when than suddenly be held to ransom by cable. Especially when there is currently no battery indicator on screen.

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ENELOOPS is always the answer

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Brand aside, just look at the capacity on the batteries you buy. mAh number is milliampere hour. The higher the better.

Then there's type. NiMH is Nickel–metal hydride. NiCad is Nickel–cadmium. I believe NiMH is better, except in some cases like for items that will discharge the battery capacity very quickly; like power tools. So for controllers some NiHM is fine.

tl;dr : buy NiHM batteries with the highest mAh number on them.

I own 4 Energizers (NiMH 1300 mAh) and a charger. Eneloops are the unofficially endorsed batteries of the Giant Bombcast. They seriously should get an advertisement deal with em', they already sung their praise on several occasion.

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enirgizer, i love those batteries since i was a child...all my toys was operated with enirgizer :)

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I actually picked up the Nyko charging station. Comes with two battery packs and, well, the charging station. It does require you to use the replacement battery covers but, they don't look too bad. I'm pretty pleased with it so far. And it was only about 18 bucks at Costco.

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