Microsoft Confirms Self-Publishing on Xbox One

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#151 Posted by 5Figh (172 posts) -

I told one of my mates that I was heavily leaning towards the PS4 first for the new gen despite the 360 easily being my main thing this gen and he said to me "mark my fucking words by the time the new consoles come out you'll have convinced yourself to get an Xbox One first instead."

He's always fucking right.

#152 Edited by The_Laughing_Man (13629 posts) -

Wow it even seems the X1 will support mods if the developer wants it to. And people can play work in progress games.

#153 Edited by Darji (5293 posts) -

Wow it even seems the X1 will support mods if the developer wants it to.

So did the PS3 but mod support on consoles is very limited. Everything which will use more power(ram CPU etc) is impossible since games are already optimized to use that amount of ram the consoles have. Also mods can crash games and even systems so they will not allow that as well. So if they talk about mods, maybe new skins, or multiplayer levels for shooter but nothing really big like the community does for RPGs or total convertions.

#155 Edited by xyzygy (10091 posts) -

@darji said:

@xyzygy: It is a big difference. First of it will not be available at launch but a year later or so and secondly Microsoft does this all the time. Remember the family share thingy and how this turned out for example?

Do you even know what would happen if the people had access to the wholle system? it will be hacked in a very short period of time. It is impossible to do so.

I know it will be available later (has a year been confirmed?), I meant a few months after availability of the self publishing thing.

And yes I remember Family Share. Well, the concept of it. Do YOU remember how it was scrapped and never implemented and thus doesn't mean anything at all any more and was entirely theoretical because it was never able to be put into use? We have no idea what would have happened with Family Share so you can't use that as an excuse.

I think you're talking out of your ass.

@the_laughing_man bahahaha I wonder how naysayers will spin this now. Man I can't stand when people extract the worst news from the best news, somehow, someway.

#156 Edited by EXTomar (4983 posts) -

If you want spin: Do we really want to deal with not only the quirks in a Bethesda game along with the "quirks" of manipulating data on a console? This is why Curse and Steam Workshop are brilliant where handle installing mods is seamless and "correctly versioned" and importantly external to the game. Without that mechanism on consoles, things can get unstable and unfun quickly.

#157 Posted by deadsheepinwoods (14 posts) -

Huge news. What a game changer. At this point, the only reason I am interested at all in a PS4 is for the price.

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#160 Posted by zeeshanaayan07 (12 posts) -

Brilliant information very nice

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