X-Box Rumours - Anyone keeping track?

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There are sooooo many effin X-Box rumours it kinda stopped being funny after two. Seems like everybody from Microsoft is secretly telling some website some weird (and mostely bad) news. A few weeks from now the new X-Box will be revealed so I'm asking you: Is there anybody who kept track of all the rumours and more importantly the site which broke them? I would love to have a checklist of sites claiming to have some sort of "internal source" which then turns out to be true or complete BS.

(Before everybody posts this, I'm aware of the fake rumour thing somebody did)

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Please for the love of god stop hyphenating Xbox. If any site had a rumor roundup thing like you want I woukd try Kotaku

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@abendlaender: There was a fake rumor?

Oh, well IGN's 720 wiki sort of counts for what you want. But skimming through here is chock full of Rumor-Town.

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@blu3v3nom07: Yeah, this guy did it it.

Great story. He basically just emailed a bunch of gaming news sites saying "Hi guys, I work for Microsoft, here's a load of juicy Xbox specs, please believe me" and quite a number took the bait - he links to more than half a dozen that swallowed it hook line and sinker and points out that a Google search indicates it spread even further.

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I couldn't give a flying fuck about the thing. It's just going to be what we have now but prettier games.

Sony already nailed it with a gigantic step forward for console gaming; instant on/off. (via states)

I don't see Microsoft coming up with anything new.

edit: and you can probably guarantee it's going to have that terrible Windows 8 interface all over it, even more so than the 360 does now with its shitty dashboard.

Wow I sound like a proper Sony fanboy here.

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Can we come up with fake rumors? I heard that Microsoft got celebrities like Bigfoot for the stage show and that unicorns endorse only because it is "not necessarily always online required".

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Don't care considering that we will be hearing actual facts on May 21st

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I think people are loosing track of what is really important here. It's rumor, not rumour.

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Just as long as it isn't at Microsoft's demonstration centre!

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