Xbox One Killer Instinct Update....Terrible

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So I'll admit I haven't played on my Xbox One in quite some time but with the release of the story mode and Fulgore for KI I decided to attempt to play some today. I'm in the process of downloading the patch which was over 6 GB's I believe, but my God it's taking forever. I seriously started this thing at 7:51 and it's now 9:31 where I'm at and it's only 30% complete. I remember the install times being sort of shitty but I was hoping they had improved. Are people still having issues with crappy install and update times? Maybe my internet sucks but I just can't believe this hasn't been addressed.

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Definitely just your internet. I've downloaded Forza's 50+ GB on two different consoles in a few hours.

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Yeah I've never had issues.

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Oh okay just checking it must be that then, because I couldn't imagine that the installs/updates would be as slow as I was encountering at the time.

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Maybe you should rephrase the thread's topic. It is misleading, as the update isn't really terrible in itself.

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Ahhh, takes me back to good ol' November...

"Even though most people don't have this problem and the consensus is that speeds are relatively pretty great, my PS4/XOne download is taking a long time. The PS4/XOne SUCKS!!!"

Good times.

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The Xbone is pretending it's a PS3 to fuck with you with PSN-like download speeds.

Sony improved things a bit, but holy shit I remember in 2007 Tekken 5 taking 7 hours to download, meanwhile my PC was downloading 15GB games in 20 mins. (Tekken was like, under a gig)

PSN is still average on the PS3, but on the PS4 I get good speeds at least.

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