How is this game for the Xbox 360

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Let me start off by saying, yes, I understand that console gaming isn't the most popular thing in the world right now, but my laptop can barely run games that came out in 2002 and I really can't afford a new PC at the moment. I also really don't have the space to get a PC that's good for gaming so, my 360 is all I have at the moment (which I'm not complaining about at all, by the way). I really didn't pay attention to this game at all until Giant Bomb's coverage of it in these past couple GOTY videos/bombcasts. It looks like a very interesting game, but is it any good on the 360? I'm not usually into this style of game and I'm sure playing with a controller isn't going to make it any better, but something about this game really interests me.

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#2 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -

Its an amazing game. No big issues aside from a few minor gripes. Fully worth the buy. 

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I'm playing XCOM with a controller on PC. I think you'll be fine on consoles.

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I had some disc read error issues but I think that's because I install my games to a flash drive. I have a 4GB 360 and I don't really want to buy an over priced harddrive.

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#5 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (4106 posts) -

I played it on 360 and its totally great. The occasional bug but controls great and even if this isn't your type of game you might really like it.

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Absolutely fine, from what I have heard. It's awesome anywhere!

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Seems great to me.  Been playing it for a few hours.  Install it, if you can.  There was a pleasant and noticeable difference after I installed it.

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#8 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1713 posts) -

Its fine and I think console is still the most popular form of gaming. Yes yes the PC has the visual edge now but its not really important to most. Yeah I gonna say most.

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It's a fantastic game that plays great on the 360. Buy it.

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This is very exciting to see. I was convinced people were going to say to hold off on getting it for the 360, but I think I'm definitely going to get it now. Thanks guys!

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As everyone else said, it's great. The game looks great and plays really well with a controller.

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As others have said, it's fine with a controller. I'm playing on PC and I actually prefer the controller. (of course a majority of my gaming was done on consoles until recently)

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100% awesome

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Its pretty great I just bought the xbox version today. Easily in my top five of games hat have come out this year.

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I played it through on the 360... It ran just fine. I had one lock-up, but was fine after restarting. There was a few graphical and cosmetic inconstancies, but they seem to be platform agnostic. It was great, worth all the love. Enjoy!

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#17 Posted by NoobSauceG7 (1386 posts) -

Totally fine on 360. My favorite game of the year and played it on 360 and had no issues.

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#18 Posted by Galiant (2237 posts) -

Playing on PC, but using a controller is preferable, so you've got that part covered at least.

Go for it!

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it plays amazingly on my 360, i got it for xmas. its been a blast.

the ONLY issue ive had is some texture pop-in, but really thats not a big deal, its all popped in by the time my dudes are running out of the skyranger anyhow.

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