Reloading weapons with an xbox controller

#1 Posted by Arabes (379 posts) -

I have xcom on the PC but have it hooked up to my TV so I enjoy playing games with the xbox controller when possible. However I have noticed that with the controller I can't reload my gun whenever I feel like. With the mouse, you just click on the weapon in the lower right corner. With the controller this isn't possible, I can only reload when I empty my clip. I've looked online but I can't find any refernece to this issue anywhere. Am I just missing a button or something? There are unused buttons on the controller so it'd be a bit fucked if they just left this out.

#2 Posted by Gravier251 (218 posts) -

To reload manually with a 360 controller it should just be a case of hitting the right trigger to access the abilities then just scroll through to the reload icon. Pretty much the same way you would trigger things like run and gun, grenades, etc.

#3 Posted by Bell_End (1234 posts) -

you just go into the firing view and select the reload icon

#4 Posted by Arabes (379 posts) -

Dammit, I never noticed it there. I thought that the aim icon changed into the reload icon when you ran out of ammo in that clip. I must check this out when I get home.

#5 Posted by CenturionCajun (1573 posts) -

It does change when you're out of ammo. However, at any time you can reload. It's just moved over towards the end of the bar near Hunker Down.

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