Still FREE on PP right now. Could not be having more fun!

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#1 Posted by Rekt_Hed (953 posts) -

Saw this on PP and thought ohhh yeah that was the GB game of the year that I had no interest in and never played I should probably check this out. at first I didnt see what the fuss was about and then 2 full missions in I was hooked.

I mean I just spent a ENTIRE sunday doing nothing but xcom. Holy shit that game is addictive and a TON of fun :) Think I started about 6am and didnt stop playing until 6pm. Small break for a proper cooked meal and then was back on x com until midnight.

Can totally see why this got game of the year now. If you have playstation plus its FREE right now so if you STILL havent played this game you really REALLY should try it out.

Just felt compelled to start a thread cause I'm having such a awesome time with the game. That is all!

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Yeah this game is great and I feel bad I never finished it. Still, I popped in a mission I had going from 6 months ago that was really difficult and I got through without too much trouble. Definitely want to finish this game, I'm so close to the end.

It also turned me on to a bunch of other turn based strategy games I've been playing on and off, like Fire Emblem and Ghost Recon both on 3DS. Nothing feels quite the same, but Fire Emblem certainly came closest to scratching the itch.

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#3 Posted by Rekt_Hed (953 posts) -

@mikkaq: Ahhh nice man. Might have to check those out. But I'm gonna handle one game at a time cause I can barely do anything other than play x com right now lol. I got the x com fever alright.

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#4 Posted by jimmyfenix (3941 posts) -

@rekt_hed: That game is AWESOME have fun with it man !

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#5 Posted by ftomato (246 posts) -

Enemy Unknown is one of the yearly PS+ games, it'll be available for a while.

BTW, PP isn't a widely used acronym for PlayStation Plus. Took me a bit. Probably best not to use it over "PS+".

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#6 Posted by GaspoweR (4837 posts) -

YEAH, that games is incredible. It does have it's fair share of criticisms but it is incredibly addictive.

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#7 Posted by mrfluke (5825 posts) -

oh snap its still free? thank you OP

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@ftomato: Noted! Your way does look better

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#9 Edited by TheManWithNoPlan (6959 posts) -

What a great game to put on the Ps+ free games list, but unfortunately for me, I was never able to get the download to go past 84% off of PSN. I tried three times to start the download over, but with no luck. I gave up in the end. The game is absolutely fantastic though, for those haven't tried it yet.

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