XCOM: Enemy Unknown coming to iOS this summer

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Full port except for less maps. I remember map variety being a problem I had with it on 360 so OUCH.

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I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it'll control like shit.

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this news pleases me greatly

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I applaud them for making this possible. Especially if it is really the whole experience, I find that quite the amazing feat!

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couldnt be the more perfect game to bring to ios. cant wait!

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Seeing as I used remote desktop on my iOS devices to do, well, exactly this I can say I'm pretty excited.

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Considering the shit-ass framerate I experienced on the PS3 I'm curious how this sucker will turn out on a mobile device.

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Great news!

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I've been playing Fire Emblem on the 3DS and was thinking how I would actually prefer to play X-Com like this (portable). Now I can, I just have to wait a few months.

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Just read this article on Joystiq, which contains both the best news and the best quote:


Firaxis' Jake Solomon made the blunt disclosure to IGN, reaffirming the upcoming mobile version of the 2012 strategy game is a straight port.

"Oh God, please...," Solomon responded to IGN when asked about in-app purchases like power-ups, "No. I'm not sure I would be able to sleep at night. My food would taste like ashes in my mouth."

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Know this is kind of an old thread but has anyone heard any updates on the release of this? Perhaps a more specific date and price point? I'd guess it'll definitely range closer to its standard price but I was hoping to pick it up before my long trip this summer

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When they release the IOS version, I hope they announce some kind of expansion like what friaxis have for their civ games

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