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Xin Zhao in action 
Xin Zhao is a versatile melee champion. He can be played as melee carry or secondary tank.
He has a good DPS output without having to rely heavily on items: this makes him a great partner in the early laning phase. Using Audacious Charge with a good timing can give a substantial positioning advantage to unleash his ultimate: Crescent Sweep. The ultimate does a good amount of damage, also enhancing Xin's tanking capabilites.
Beside that, Xin Zhao lacks any other tanking ability and so he isn't good as main tank.


 Xin Zhao is the Seneschal of Demacia, personal steward of the Lightshield Dynasty. His origins are kept secret from the crowds: back in the days prior to the formation of the League, Xin Zhao was a gladiator  in a cruel Noxian spectacle: The Fleshling. As a gladiator won matches, his number of opponents fought simultaneously would increase, meaning the eventual death of each  contender. 

Xin Zhao was meant to fight 300 soldiers, a ground breaking record. King Jarvan II, attracted from this incredible feat, infiltrated himself in the arena and met with Xin Zhao to offer him  freedom in exchange for his allegiance. 

Xin Zhao agreed and saved the king's life from a poisoned dart while escaping. This act earned Xin Zhao the charge that he still covers under the reign of the new king Jarvan III, fighting for his new  country in the Fields of Justice. 

Recommended Items

  • Doran's shield
  • Mercury's Tread
  • Last Whisper
  • Frozen Mallet
  • Banshee's Veil
  • Infinity Edge


StatBase ValueGrowth Per Level
 Damage 49 3.3
 Health 445 87
 Mana 213 31
 Move Speed 320 0
 Armor 16.2 3.7
 Spell Block 30 1.25
 Health Regen 1.4 0.14
 Mana Regen 0.82 0.05


 Tireless Warrior
(Innate): Xin Zhao heals himself for 30-70 hit points ( 5 every 2 levels) every 3 attacks.
 Three Talon Strike
(Active): Xin Zhao next 3 standard attacks deal bonus damage. The final attack knocks his enemy into the air.
 Battle Cry
(Passive): Xin Zhao's attack speed is increased. (Active): Xin Zhao uses his battle cry to double his passive attack speed bonus for 5 seconds. While active, standard attacks reduce all other ability cooldowns by 1 second.
 Audacious Charge
  (Active): Xin Zhao charges a target, dealing damage and slowing all nearby enemies for 1.7 seconds.

Crescent Sweep 
(Active): Xin Zhao sweeps his spear on nearby enemies, dealing damage 20% of their current health. Xin's Armor and Magic Resistance are increased for 6 seconds.

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