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 Xtreme Wheels is a racing game developed by Spike Co. and published by Bam! Entertainment for the Game Boy Color platform. 


  The gameplay of Xtreme Wheels is very similar to that of Excitebike. The player controls a bike racer who must complete a set number of laps on each track. The players placing at the end of the race is dependent on the lap times.  
 The Stamina Bar
To accelerate the A button is held down. While the player is accelerating a stamina meter  will continuously deplete. If the Stamina meter fully depletes (turns pink in color) than the players character will come to a stop for a short period of time. 
The Laps, Time Used, and Time Limit 
Each race has a set amount of laps the player must complete. There is also a time limit for every track, if more time is taken than the limit a did not qualify will be given. The current track time is displayed above the time limit on the HUD. 


Game Modes

There are three different main game modes in Xtreme Wheels: Grand Prix, Training, and Time Attack. 

Grand Prix

  Grand Prix mode is a series of races put together. There are four different classes in Grand Prix mode  
  • NMX 
  • JMX 
  • WMX 
  • SMX
In order to race in the more advanced classes the player must finish in a qualifying position in the previous classes. 


 The Training Mode Select Screen
 Training mode allows the player to try and learn the various techniques that can be utilized in Xtreme Wheels. There are three main modes in Training. Each of the training levels have a set time limit that they must be completed under.

Speed Training

 Speed training teaches the various techniques used in keeping speed and racing fast. The speed training techniques are: 
  • Start Dash - Time Limit: 0:20:00
  • Max Speed - Time Limit: 1:02:00
  • Jump Dash - Time Limit: 0:19:00
  • Cornering - Time Limit: 0:18:00
  • Snake Curve - Time Limit: 0:15:00

Jump Training

 Jump training teaches the various jumping styles that can be used during a race. The Jump Training techniques are: 
  • Wheelie Jump - Time Limit: 0:33:00
  • Jackknife Jump - Time Limit: 0:40:00
  • Double Jump - Time Limit: 0:17:00
  • Triple Jump - Time Limit: 0:27:00
  • Whoops - Time Limit: 0:28:00

Total Training

 Total Training includes all the various other techniques learned in the other training together in special stages. The special stages are: 
  • Special Stage 1 - Time Limit: 0:20:00
  • Special Stage 2 - Time Limit: 0:58:00
  • Special Stage 3 - Time Limit: 1:00:00
  • Special Stage 4 - Time Limit: 1:09:00
  • Special Stage 5 - Time Limit: 0:54:00

Time Attack

 In Time Attack mode the goal is to choose a track and get the fastest time possible on that track. Only tracks in the classes that the player has unlocked can be played in Time Attack mode. 

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