Anyone here who plays this that can understand it?

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Oops, sorry. Feel free to delete this. Obviously it doesn't make any sense as it is. I thought I posted it under a specific game's Forum, not in General Discussion. Sorry.

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I'm going to assume you mean Yakuza 3. They really need to put up a sticky topic saying to always put the game you're talking about in the first post, or fix the bug, either or. On topic though I liked the first Yakuza but I don't have a PS3 so I can't check out the third one. 

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@crono11:  Theres some kind of bug in the system I think.  For the past couple days everything has been going into General.
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Yeah, I rarely post so clearly I'm not aware of how this works. I was looking at the game, then I clicked on it's Forum link on the left and started a new topic (I thought anyway, maybe I messed something up). Then for some reason my game appears under General Discussion instead of under the game's forum. Is there a way to make it appear in the right spot? 
Anyway, the game I meant actually was Ryu go Gotoku Kenzan. Just curious if there was even anyone on these boards that played it.

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@fwylo:  Yeah I know theres a bug that's why I referenced it in my post and how they should fix it. lol
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Oh, and just another note, if you liked Yakuza 1, you should definitely check out Yakuza 2 which is for the PS2. 2 is way improved over 1 in absolutely every way.

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Yeah that's what I hear but I can't find it and I can't buy things online, which sucks.
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Ah, gotcha. Yeah, it wouldn't be easy to find unless you got it offline. Sorry to hear that. Well if you ever do get the ability, definitely check it out.

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@cardician:  I moved this topic for you.

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