evhkwick's Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

Solid Card-Based Strategy For PvP, Not PvC

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels is the first YGO game available on the 360, and the second card-based XBLA title to be released. Promising a comprehensive catalog of cards and online play, there was plenty to get excited about. 


 Get used to the preliminary bracket. You'll be seeing it a lot.

Decade Duels offers some of the best gameplay of a Yu-Gi-Oh! title in its duel system. It feels a lot faster than some of the latest handheld games, and looks good for what it is. The animations are simple, but the game doesn’t require much more. The in-duel menus are also easy to understand and navigate. The text size can be a little small from time to time, especially when you get a card with a lengthy description, but it doesn’t hinder player performance. 


When walking away from a duel victorious, the player is awarded new cards to add to his trunk. While this sounds like a good system, I’ve gotten no indication of any rhyme or reason to what cards you receive. And since this is the only way to obtain new cards to upgrade your deck with, it can be incredibly frustrating to obtain key cards needed to make your deck work. You’re forced to use small variations of the initial deck for a long time because you can’t really deck build until you’ve played a lot of single player action. Since packs of cards will be released later into the marketplace, it isn’t a huge surprise that they scrapped the in-game economy present in some of the handheld titles. Unless you’re incredibly patient or don’t plan on entering into online competition, marketplace purchases will be the only reliable way to have any control over building your deck.  

 The deck editor in action.

Deck building, however, is a very welcome inclusion after its absence in Magic the Gathering’s game on XBLA. You are able to start building your own deck right off the bat, but lack any cards outside of that deck to build with. After a couple of duels, you’ll have some room to start making some choices about what to put in. The deck editor is a little difficult to navigate, and as of this writing, I have no idea how to save multiple decks. The option and possibility is there, but it isn’t apparent by looking around the deck builder. 


Single player is painfully short, and lacks any real variety beyond the ten different combatants. And since this is the only way to obtain new cards without writing a check, you’ll be grinding these same decks over and over. Sure, your rank on the leaderboards will go up after every battle, but after a while, that’s a really bad reason to keep pushing the single player game. 


 The dueling grid.

Online play is simple, allowing ranked or random matches, but little more. There are also tag matches available, but unless you know someone who plays well enough to build two supplementing decks, pairing up with a stranger would yield terrifying results. Because of the shallow single player game, it’s obvious that the online is the main focus of the title. In all seriousness, unless you plan on playing competitively online, this title really isn’t worth picking up. Building a unique deck and playing online against other unique decks is a lot of fun, and rewards a dedicated grind. 


This game has a good amount of issues, but the core gameplay works really well, and the online has a lot of promise, banking on this title catching a little momentum. And while I don’t agree with the choice to circumvent an in-game economy for marketplace purchases, I can understand the reasoning behind it. Fans of the series will find plenty to like here, and fans of card-based strategy games will find healthy competition. But make sure you plan on putting your Gold account to use here.

Posted by ZombiePie

I have to admit that I'm becoming increasingly disappointed that the titles for the latest Yu-Gi-Oh games have become increasingly less crazy than their predecessors....

Posted by eldiax
@ZombiePie: Hairstyles however, have not.
Posted by kagato

Picking this up at the end of the week but i was a little disapointed with the lack of any kind of story mode, even the original GBA games had that much.  Bit of a wasted opertunity to not to try and animate the monsters that are summoned, they where happy enough to pull sprites from the DS games for castlevania but not for this?  Despite that i do love me some Yu Gi Oh and i dont always get to see my friends enough to do some DS or real card duels so this will do for now. 

Posted by Hao_Kaiser

I played the demo, and it wasn't awful. :/ 
I think I'll just stick with the one Yu-Gi-Oh! DS cartridge I have, since even it has expansions past the point that I stopped collecting real cards... And I'm pretty sure it's the first DS release. Haha

Posted by GaZZuM

So do you not get cards for winning online matches?!? I played the demo just assuming that would be the case.

Posted by EVHKwick
@GaZZuM said:
" So do you not get cards for winning online matches?!?"
Nope. Just offline.
Posted by luce

Where is Yugioh in that boxart. I don't see Yugioh. This is garbage

Posted by JJOR64

While the game does have issues, I'm having fun with it.  Nice review.

Posted by Xeiphyer

Anyone looking for a good yugioh game should check out the Tag Tournament games on the PSP. They include every card made up until the game came out, the latest one just came out a few weeks ago and has like 5000 cards. The rules are also accurate to the card game which is nice. 

Posted by Genjai

I'm not a game critic, but on the literary and user-side, this is a perfect review: well-written, informative and to the point. Excellent job. :^)

Posted by JokerFrown

Excellent Review. I agree with your points completely.  The game is amazing online, but single player leaves much to be desired.

Posted by Kyle

Nice review. 
I played the demo, but I was unhappy with how clunky the interface felt. Duels of the Plainswalkers managed to take MTG and make it feel effortless, while this feels mired in the past. I won't claim to be a yu-gi-oh expert, but none of the games in there series that I have tried have ever felt like they evolved beyond what Duelist Soul was doing on the GBA eight years ago.

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