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Zombie Panic! is a multiplayer Half-Life (GoldSrc) modification which was released on October 31st, 2004. It focuses mainly on survival and teamplay in a zombie outbreak which span across several official maps, ranging from several locations such as a typical nightclub to a shady secret underground lab. Players can choose to play as either one of two sides in the beginning of each round; Survivors or Zombies, each side having its own unique abilities. The modification is considered to be the granddaddy of the zombie survival-horror multiplayer genre for the Half-Life modding scene, since it is the first recognized mod to pit humans against player-controlled zombies. 


Last Man Standing
In this mode, survivors must locate one another and band together in order to survive as long as possible; with limited resources and persistent zombies being a major obstacle to their goal. Players spawn as survivors, with one or two player being spawned as zombies. The zombie team in this mode have a limited pool of lives allowing them to respawn and continue to attack and kill survivors; however if the pool of lives run out, the survivors will automatically win the round.
In this mode, survivors must accomplish a series of tasks in order to achieve a goal, such as calling down an escape lift in order to leave an area, while facing the same challenges that plague them in Last Man Standing. The zombie team has a major advantage in this mode, due to them having unlimited lives. A nearly unstoppable force coupled with limited weapons and ammunition make teamwork extremely vital for for the survivor team.    

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