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In this fast-action puzzle game, players create triangles by matching three identical zombies. Survivors shoot everything within the triangle. The larger area of coverage, the greater the carnage.

Zombie Zombie Zombie (aka Zx3) is a puzzle and strategy game where players have to meet certain objectives on each level of play. The zombies are constantly moving forward to eat your survivors, so Zx3 has a real twitchy feel.

There are over 100 levels, tons of special moves, and boss battles.

Players need an arsenal of weaponry, hilarious power-ups, a lot of skill, and even a little luck to blast your way through the zombie apocalypse.

By linking Zx3 with your Facebook account, players can see how they stack up against your friends. They are also be able to help your friends survive through wave after wave of undead.

There's also a Survival Mode where players fight for a top spot on the leader board against a never-ending horde of zombies.

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