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 Overview / Gameplay

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Zombieville USA is a side-scrolling action game for the iPhone and iPod touch.  The core game mechanic is simply tapping the screen to shoot while walking either left or right and entering houses looking for money and ammo. However, you have to manage the money earned for killing zombies or enterting homes on weapon upgrades or health, and you will need both. Deciding when to buy each one is what gives Zombieville its replay value.  Zombies get harder to kill as you progress, and different types such as ones that are faster. If you make far enough in the game you can buy a weapon that has no ammo but puts those zombies back in their graffe!

In July 2009, the game was updated with new features. Players can now choose from two control schemes, choose how many lives they have, and melee weapons were introduced.
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Zombieville USA is currently available for 1.99 (CDN/USD) on the App Store. There is also a free, "Lite" version of the game. This version only features the first level of gameplay.

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