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Arknights is a tower defense style game with RPG elements that involves raising an entire unit of Operators obtained both through story progression and gacha rolls and strategically placing them to prevent as many enemy units as possible from crossing a certain threshold on the map.

This game was developed by the Chinese company Hypergryph and released in China on April 2019. In January 2020, it was released worldwide.


On the world of Terra, Catastrophes tear apart the land and leave behind Originium, a mysterious ore that infects all living beings near it with a condition called Oripathy. Those infected with Oripathy can access some form of magical power, but at the cost of their own lives. Even after death, their corpse can infect others nearby. Those suffering from Oripathy, collectively called The Infected, are often looked at with suspicion or outright hatred. Some of the Infected look to find a cure, some try to enjoy what life they have left, some have banded together under terrorist organizations to lash out at those who have oppressed them.

The Doctor, an individual who works for the management of the medical company Rhodes Island, wakes up one evening with amnesia, but somehow retains their logistical skills as they are rescued by a special forces unit dispatched from the company to rescue them. The Doctor finds themselves thrust into leading the group against the Infected terrorist group Reunion as they try to stay alive long enough to escape and hopefully find a cure for Oripathy.


Vanguard: Melee units that can be deployed for relatively low cost, useful for the early game.

Guard: Units with strong attack power that can block 1-2 enemy units while striking them down.

Defender: Units who can take a ton of punishment and block several enemy units at a time

Supporter: Units that can debuff multiple enemies while damaging them from long range.

Caster: Arts users capable of using long-range magical attacks on enemies.

Sniper: Long-range attackers who can shoot down enemies from afar, especially flying units.

Medic: Units that only heal allies.

Specialist: Units with a special ability that don't quite fit into other categories, like an sharp increase in attack power after deployment, or can push enemies back a few squares after some attacks.


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