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    2 Spicy

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released April 2007

    2 Spicy (or Too Spicy) is a light-gun shooter arcade game developed by Sega. It uses a unique foot controller in addition to a standard light gun. It has both a two-player multiplayer and a story mode with cinematics.

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    Along with standard light-gun shooter elements found in games like Virtua Cop and Time Crisis, 2 Spicy features other concepts that are usually found in other types of games, mainly third-person shooters. The most apparent is the ability to move between specified cover using two foot pedals located below the bulk of the cabinet (an evolution of the foot pedals which move in and out of cover in Time Crisis). The cover also degrades when it is shot; eventually it will break and inflict damage on the player using it. When a player follows the opponent with the cursor long enough it will zoom in and cause your shots to inflict more damage.


    2 Spicy has eight playable Characters, two of which can only be used in versus mode by entering a code you get after defeating them in the main game. Each character has their own unique weapon.

    Versus only:


    2 spicy features both a standard Co-Op mode where two players work together playing through the games stages and a versus mode where both players duel each other in a deathmach style mode that keeps track of your wins in a method similar to a fighting game.

    Arcade hardware

    The game runs on the Sega Lindbergh arcade system, the specifications of which are as follows:

    • CPU : Intel Pentium 4 3.0G HT (800Mhz FSB - 1MB L2 Cache)
    • GFX : NVIDIA GeForce 6 Series GPU
    • GFX Memory : 256MB (256 bit GDDR3)
    • OS : Montavista Linux
    • GFX Capabilities : Vertex Shader 3.0, Pixel Shader 3.0
    • Audio : 3D audio synthesizer chip onboard, possible to have 64 sounds playing simultaneously, 5.1 surround output.
    • Video output: One analog D-Sub, Two Digital DVI outputs.
    • Display : Single or dual monitor support. Can output the same picture to each monitor or different pictures on each monitor, the resolution for each of the 2 monitors can also be different.
    • Sound output: The two front speakers have RCA connectors, SPDIF for full surround.
    • Resolution : HDTV (High Definition)
    • RAM : 1024MB 184pin DDR SD-RAM PC3200 (2x 512MB DDR 400 sticks)
    • LAN : 10/100/1000 TBase Gigabit Network
    • Other : DVD Drive Support, USB2.0 (x4) - Sega ALL.NET online support.
    • Connector Format : JVS
    • Protection : High Spec original security module.


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