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It's more of the same

Did you play A Kingdom for Keflings? Well, they fixed some of the flaws with the original, like the slow-down, but basically this game is just more of the same. And that's not a bad thing.  
This time there are multiple worlds for your giant avatar to explore, but there's just one main world. The other two worlds are small and don't offer a whole lot to do. But, all in all, this is the same game as the first. And, if you played through the first one, you'll probably rip right through this one, as I did.  
It's good, it's cute, and it's relaxing, but, for some reason it doesn't have the same magic as the first one; the magic that had me playing the game over and over again until I had constructed my kingdom exactly as I wanted.  
Bottom line: if you played the first one and liked it, get this game. If you didn't play the first game and are interested, get this one instead.


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