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    Adam the Clown

    Character » appears in 3 games

    Adam the Clown is a psychopathic killer dressed as a clown who dual-wields mini chainsaws in Dead Rising.

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    Adam McIntyre is a clown at the Willamette Mall in the game Dead Rising. Following the outbreak, Adam witnesses the zombies murder those that had once laughed at his act and loses his mind, becoming one of the many psychopaths who inhabit the zombie-infested mall. He is sad that the zombies killed everyone that used to laugh at him and now, as a result, wants to keep people entertained in his own special way; through the use of an insanely fast rollercoaster. Adam also dual-wields two mini chainsaws, which can be the most deadly and useful weapons in the game.

    Adam holds hostage a survivor that reveals a secret passage that allows the player to traverse between Wonderland Plaza and Paradise Plaza. He also leaves behind a respawning mini chainsaw after his death that can have its durability increased three-fold when the appropriate books are held in the player's inventory.


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