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    Adventures in the Magic Kingdom

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released June 1990

    Adventures in the Magic Kingdom is a Disney-licensed action/adventure game from Capcom.

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    Adventures in the Magic Kingdom is an action-adventure game developed and published for the Nintendo Entertainment System by Capcom in June 1990. The game revolves around an unknown character controlled by the player who must track down six silver keys by completing stages based on attractions at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.


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    The game is split into five levels based on Disneyland rides and a park wide trivia challenge. The player can chose to tackle the levels in any order they choose. In each of the five levels you can collect stars. These can be spent at almost any time during a game by pressing select and pulling up the star item store. Here you can buy life, ammo, 1-ups and limited invincibility. Correct use of these power up is crucial to winning the game.



    Space Mountain

    This stage pits the player in the role of a spaceship captain docked at Star A, trying to pilot his ship to Star F. The player must match button presses with what is shown on the screen. The arrow keys are used to maneuver the ship, and the A and B buttons are used to fire lasers. Five mismatched or missed button presses will result in a loss. Making it to Star F will win the level and grant a key.


    The player will race against eight computer controlled cars. However you will always win the race, unless you crash or fall off the course. The player can drive over jumps to cross chasms or jump over other racers. Making it to the finish line in one piece will grant a key.

    Big Thunder Mountain

    One of the more unique stages, in which the player controls a speeding locomotive making its way down jumbled sets of tracks. The goal is to make it down the mountain to Train Station #2 while avoiding rocks and multiple dead ends. The train can take five rock hits before failing, but one dead end will end the level. Completing the course will earn a key.

    Haunted Mansion

    The player must traverse the Haunted Mansion to fight The Phantom. This is a standard platforming level where you must make your way through the front yard and four floors of the mansion. Enemies can be fought with thrown candles. The player starts with ten candles but more can be found throughout the level. The third and fourth floors are the hardest, as the player must jump from floating chairs over bottomless pits. On the fourth floor is The Phantom, it takes eight candle hit to kill him. After beating The Phantom the player will earn this levels key.

    Pirates of the Caribbean

    The player must save six damsels in distress from pirates who have recently sacked a local port town. The player has 180 seconds to find all six women and light the signal fire at the very end of the level. You can not light the signal fire without the candle found in the underground location under the city. You have no way to fight the pirates and can only jump over them and the barrels they throw at you. Finding all the women and lighting the fire in under 180 seconds will grant the key.


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