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Aghailt is the main antagonist in Scarlet Shadow. He's an ethereal, a species that lives only in the 4th world.


Aghailt was born in an Ethereal village located in the 4th world. Being an Ethereal, he had the power to absorb the abilities of his enemy along with their skill, but this power was even stronger in him. As a matter of fact he was able to absorb skills and powers, which would normally be impossible for other Ethereals to absorb. With this ability, he was chosen as the head of all the Ethereal tribes, and his power was enough to aspire to the title of lord of the 4th world. However, the Kerubies, who had a rivalry with the Ethereals and were full of prejudices against them, hindered his election to lord of 4th world, choosing a Keruby who was not up to the task. In fact as soon as it was possible the Ethereal took possession of the power, but, not satisfied, he also began to conquer all the other universes. He also decided to wear an armor to hide his origins and he obtained biological immortality. While he conquered the other universes, he also found people willing to help him, especially human beings, who were often in secondary positions to Elves and Kerubies: thus the first cores of the Ether Animus were formed.

The story of his defeat is rather unclear, and there are many legends about it. The best known one says that he was defeated by the goddess of balance Tera, aided by mortal allies. As a punishment, he was locked up in a temple in the city of Arya, unable to move and do anything. His allies were scattered around the universes he had conquered.

In Scarlet Shadow

After all the occurrances that had taken place, Aghailt was freed from his imprisonment by none other than Jean Komen. As Aghailt was still too weak to fight, the leader of Ether Animus decided to defend him and fight against Lux's team, so that he could gradually recover and gather his energies back. At the first chance, Lux attempts to kill Aghailt, but instead, manages to kill Jean Komen, who shields the ethereal just in time. Aghailt shows great respect for his subordinates, as he tells Jean that he will forever be remembered as a hero in his new world. During the fight against Lux's team, he proves to have absorbed many powers, such as elemental magic, or the possibility of transforming into a giant. He fights his enemies without hesitation, until they are put in silence, and is not afraid to use any advantage to outclass them. However, he can do nothing against Lux's secret form.


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