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    Air-Sea Battle

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Oct 01, 1977

    An Atari 2600 launch title consisting of mutliple ground-to-air targeting games.

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    Air-Sea Battle launched with the Atari VCS in 1977, as one of nine launch-titles. Sears' "Tele-Games" variant of the VCS included Air-Sea Battle as a pack-in, renamed "Target Fun".

    Air-Sea Battle consists of six timed game modes, where players fire missiles at various targets. In every game mode, there are projectile and controllable-missile variants.

    Game Modes


    The player controls the trajectory of missiles fired from a ground-based silo. Squadrons of aircraft must be shot down for points (which vary by level selected) to proceed to the next wave. In higher levels, blimps obstruct missiles, and are worth no points.


    A variant where the silo is replaced with a moveable submarine. The trajectory arc cannot be adjusted in this mode, so the player must lie directly beneath the enemy for successful hits.

    Shooting Gallery

    This mode combines the selectable firing arc of Anti-Aircraft, with the mobility of Torpedo. Additionally, targets are clowns, ducks, and rabbits, each with different point awards.


    A constantly moving boat's speed is controlled by the player. No selectable firing arc.


    This mode reverses the role of Torpedo. The player controls an aircraft which must bomb the submarine. The aircraft always moves, but the speed is player-controlled.

    Polaris v. Bomber

    A multiplayer mode where one player controls a boat, and the other a plane. Each player tries to destroy the other within the time limit.


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