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    Aiur is the original homeworld of the Protoss civilization in the StarCraft universe.

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    Aiur is the homeworld of the Protoss race in the StarCraft universe. The Aiur system itself contains four planets in orbit around a single star. The planet's surface is divided into oceans and solid land, much of which is covered in dense jungles. Regardless of location, weather on Aiur is notoriously tempestuous.  Summer storms have been known to appear over plateaus and disappear in the blink of an eye.


    Here be spoilers! This section contains StarCraft story information. 
    After discovering Aiur's location from the dark Templar Zeratul, the  Zerg  Overmind launched an attack against the Protoss homeworld.  Despite an attempted evacuation, the Zerg invasion wiped out most of Aiur's native inhabitants.  Eventually, with the siezure of Khaydarin crystals, the Zerg were able to establish a permanent foothold on the planet and the Zerg Overmind was able to remain on Aiur in physical form.
    The Overmind was later destroyed due to the sacrifice of the high templar Tassadar, sending the local Zerg forces into chaos. The planet was not saved, however, since by that point the planet had been ravaged by the infestation and the Protoss Conclave had been broken.

    Planet Information

    Region - Galactic Fringe 
    System - Aiur 
    Sun - Golden Orb of Day 
    Moon - Saalok (White Circle of Night) 
    Planet Diameter - 13,273 km 
    Temperature - 30° Centigrade  
    Axis Tilt - 18.5° 
    Terrain - Jungle  
    Gravity - .98 
    Land Speration - 5 continents, 2000 lakes, 4 oceans, 12 mountains (5 of which are volcanoes). 
    Species - Zerg, Protoss 
    Population - Over 5 billion Zerg


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