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    Allegra Sauvagess

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    Allegra is a snowboarder in the SSX Franchise.

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    Allegra Sauvagess is a snowboarder in the SSX Franchise.  Allegra is, and always has been, a rebel. Fully entrenched in the snowboarding scene, she is renowned for her jibbing talents as much as she is worshiped as the embodiment of the ultimate boarding "Betty" by the pizza-faced punks everywhere. The best description of Allegra? Fresh. She is the real thing, and shows it with the drive of an Olympic athlete mixed with a healthy blast of teen enthusiasm to keep it real. Once a girl simply content to ride with the boys, she now leaves them behind in the clouds of her wake.


    Age - 18
    Vertical - 5'5"
    Mass - 115 lbs
    Nationality - American
    AKA - Big Al
    Stance - Goofy
    Blood Type - O


    Thing in the World - Boys
    Thing to Hate - Boys
    Place to Ride - Mt. Hood, USA
    Riding Partner - Boys
    Riding Victim - Elise Riggs
    Other Sport - Skateboarding
    Trick - Backside 360 Inverted
    SSX Event - Slopestyle
    Secret Spot - A chute is Chamonix, simply called 6
    Food - Caffinated burritos
    Accessory - Flying V Electric Guitar
    Career Highlight - All of it.

    RIDER Q&A:

    Boxers or Briefs - "Boxers. Men's. Extra small."
    Things You Have Broken - "Lot's of boards."
    If You Weren't A Pro - "Never happen."
    The Word - "Girls do it better."

    Signature Uber - Capo Air


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