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Anashti Sul 
Anashti Sul 
Anashti Sul was the original Prime Healer, a role now filled by Rodcet Nife.  During the the Creation Age, she was banished to non-existence for crimes against the gods and mortals alike.  Anashti was responsible for the introduction of undeath to the world of Norrath.  She could not be destroyed, so she spent ages banished to the edge of the Void.  Knowledge of her existence eventually leaked back into the mortal realm and she earned a handful of followers.  Worshipping their forgotten goddess, the followers of Anashti Sul regard undeath as a gift of eternal life.  She still regards herself the true deity of life and health, simply with a more twisted view on the role compared to that of Rodcet Nife, who seeks to end disease and teaches the ways of resurrection as a means of prolonged life.  Anashti believes that despite her banishment, she has always acted to benefit the mortals of the universe.


In most lore, Anashti Sul is depicted as a beautiful woman with hair of rainbow hues.  The peacock is a sacred animal to her and her followers.  When she returned to Norrath during the Age of Destiny, she manifested herself as a grotesque, skinless woman with glowing green eyes and collar of wretched spikes.  Later she appeared as a more beautiful and graceful woman with pale skin and a gleaming crown.

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