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    Anna Graham

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    A woman found murdered and hung from a tree in Greenvale Forest Park. Her murder starts the investigation by the FBI that makes up the core of Deadly Premonition.

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    Anna lived alone with her mother Sallie after an accident at the lumbermill killed her father when she was a child. She used to work for the Cormacks at A&G Diner, and was described as being infectiously cheerful and reliable with the exception of when it had been raining the evening before her shifts. She was also referred to as an airhead. She seemed to have aspirations beyond living in Greenvale, and saw working at the diner as a means to an end. Despite appearing to be in her early forties, Anna was meant to be eighteen.

    According to George, Anna was invited to a secret club set up for him, and willingly accepted this, alongside her friend Becky. This started the chain of events that led up to her death.


    Anna's death attracted the attention of the FBI due to the red seeds found near her body. Agent Francis York Morgan, who had previous experience on cases involving red seeds, was assigned to the case. Her death seemed to be the start of a serial killing by the legendary 'Raincoat Killer' and serves as the starting point for a larger FBI investigation.

    After her death, she is described as a "goddess" by the delusional twins who found her body. She seems to try and guide the equally-delusional York with the case from beyond the grave whenever she feels it's necessary, and is seen together with the other murder victims on various occasions.


    Anna's name is a pun on the word "anagram", or a rearrangement of letters in a word to make a new word. However, this notion does not appear to have any importance to the plot of Deadly Premonition as there are no significant anagrams within the game.


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