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Majesco Remembers It Still Owns The Rights To BloodRayne, Announces Downloadable Sequel

Finally, the delicate balance between BloodRayne video games and terrible movies based on BloodRayne video games will be in proper alignment.

It's been the better part of seven years since anyone uttered the name of BloodRayne without the title being immediately preceded by "That terrible Uwe Boll vampire movie..." Today, Majesco made it a point to remind us that, yes, this was once a video game franchise, by announcing the first new entry in the series since 2004's BloodRayne 2 and title heroine Rayne's somewhat dubious appearance in Playboy magazine. Titled BloodRayne: Betrayal, this sequel moves away from the series' 3D action roots into the realm of two-dimensional scrolling to the side. Majesco plans to release it this summer via Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network.
Betrayal is not the product of original BloodRayne developer Terminal Reality, but rather is currently in the capable developmental hands of WayForward, who is, as the press release puts it, "the award-winning team known for bringing franchise favorites back to audiences in exciting new ways." That seems like an awfully roundabout way of saying, "We make really good side-scrolling games based on your existing franchises so you don't have to," but regardless, WayForward has enjoyed some success in this genre previously, with such titles as A Boy and His Blob, Batman: The Brave and the Bold: The Videogame and Contra 4, otherwise known as "the fourth Contra game." In a weird bit of subtitle convergence, this is also WayForward's second game titled Betrayal. They also made the Game Boy Color wrestler WWF Betrayal. Presumably, the two games are unrelated.
Other than its side-scrolling nature, the press release is sadly light on details, as is the entirely teasing teaser of a trailer, which is embedded below. The official website also fails to offer up any juicy information, beyond a prospective keyboard-and-power-chord-laden soundtrack that sounds a little like it fell out of Cradle of Filth's ass. We'll be sure to bring you more on BloodRayne: Betrayal as it becomes available, including any word on an eventual Uwe Boll-directed film tie-in. Considering the last film, BloodRayne: The Third Reich came out just last year, it seems pretty much inevitable.

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