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Museum of Modern Art to Begin Featuring Games

Pac-Man, Passage, Myst, Portal amongst first 14 games in museum’s lineup.

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New York’s prestigious Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has picked 14 games to become part of an installation debuting in March 2013. It hopes to eventually expand that list to about 40 games.

“Are video games art?” said the museum. “They sure are, but they are also design, and a design approach is what we chose for this new foray into this universe. The games are selected as outstanding examples of interaction design--a field that MoMA has already explored and collected extensively, and one of the most important and oft-discussed expressions of contemporary design creativity.”

The first 14 games are as follows:

It’s interesting that two of the games games-- EVE Online, Dwarf Fortress--are still active and evolving, and will continue to change in the years to come. I hope the installation will reflect that!

MoMA’s blog post is exhaustive, breaking down the criteria it used--behavior, aesthetics, space, time--when choosing the games that were featured in this initial lineup.

The above 14 are not the only games to be featured at MoMA, however. The museum hopes to acquire many more, eventually hitting around 40 games, over the next several years, including:

If your favorite game ever isn’t featured, there may be a reason for that.

“Because of the tight filter we apply to any category of objects in MoMA’s collection," it wrote, "our selection does not include some immensely popular video games that might have seemed like no-brainers to video game historians."

Also, the first comment on the MoMA blog about Passage bums me out.

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