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Nintendo's Wii Party Has 70+ Mini-Games

That's a lot of mini-gamin'.

Reggie Fils-Aime went straight scientific during the Nintendo E3 2010 press conference, pointing out that Wii sales aren't on the decline and that owners are still using their consoles. Then, he announced a first-party mini-game collection called Wii Party, which is apparently aimed at the casual audience who never let their Wii collect dust or rejected third-party titles.

Wii Party is a collection of over 70 mini-games embedded in 13 different game types. Like Wii Sports Resort or Wii Sports, the game prominently features user-created Miis and will support up to four-players in both competitive and co-op games. 

The individual games appear to be rather simplistic. One game, for example, has users placing their controllers on a surface and listening to animal sounds that come from the device and from their TV. When the sounds match, the first person to pick up their controller wins. 
Wii Party is slated to hit this Fall.