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TGS 08: Figuring Out The Sony 14

Which 14 games at TGS 2008 are the new ones? We try to piece it together.

Going into Tokyo Game Show 2008, lists of games that Sony would be showing started to surface, along with numbers dictating a bunch of unannounced games that would be appearing at the show. Now that the show is in full swing, a lot of people seem to be scratching their heads and wondering where these 14 games are. I, much like yourselves, have been doing some head-scratching of my own, so I'm going to attempt to piece together this list of games.

Between walking the show floor and reading through Sony's catalog, here's my best guess at what the unannounced games were.

PlayStation 3

The list going around claimed that we'd see one new PS3 game from Konami, one from Irem, and nine from Sony.

Irem (1)

Konami (1)

Sony (9)

Rag Doll Kung Fu was shown back at E3 and Mr. Pain is just the Japanese version of Pain, but maybe they're counting these as new announcements for the Japanese market. The clothing simulator, dress, had also been shown off a bit at fashion shows prior to TGS, and Derby Time Online wasn't exactly a secret, either, but they're in the Sony catalog and not on the previously released list of games being shown, so I'll count them for now. GT5P Spec III is also somewhat iffy, as it's going to be both a retail disc and an update for the existing Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, but again, it wasn't on the list of games provided prior to the show, and it's also getting some shine as a pack-in with the new 80GB hardware hitting Japan soon.

Winning Eleven 2009 also isn't much of a surprise, but it's presented in a very splashy "big announcement" sort of way at Konami's booth, so I'm going to assume that this is being counted as new.

Killzone 2 is also playable at the show, though I don't really think we can consider that an "unannounced" game, even if it's the first time it's being shown in Japan. Tecmo also announced a new PS3 game called Quantum Theory that looks kind of rad in a "Japanese Gears of War" kind of way. Sony's also showing trailers for Namco's Noby Noby Boy and Sega's Ryu ga Gotoku (Yakuza) 3 here, but those have already been announced.


Sony (3)

  • The Diamond and the Sound of a Gunshot (PSP)
  • The Record of Piposaru War (PSP)?
  • Enkaku Sousa: Sanahe no 23 Hiai (PSP)

Two graphical adventure games and an Ape Escape RPG here. But I'm still trying to figure out if Record of Piposaru War is a sequel to Ape Quest, or if the original Ape Quest just hasn't come out in Japan yet. Again, this is largely going off of the catalog Sony is handing out, combined with me taking a look at the stuff being shown on the floor as playable.
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