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The Community Spotlight 2020.04.25

Welcome to the March 56th edition of The Community Spotlight!

Hello and welcome to yet another edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host as we look back at the best user-created offerings from the last week. Well, as we will talk about soon, it was a highly successful week in terms of raising money for charity. The Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run CRUSHED its fundraising goal this year and Abby hosted another successful campaign as well! To everyone who has tuned in and donated, you have my thanks! However, as people start to near the end of their ability to donate, don't forget to spread the word of any fundraisers to family and friends when they happen. Sometimes you would be surprised to see how charity the members of your family can be when it comes to the people who put a smile on your face. With that out of the way, let's jump into the latest edition of the site-related housekeeping!

Thanks again Giant Bomb Community for your generosity!
Thanks again Giant Bomb Community for your generosity!

Tweets Of The Week

Clips Of The Week

Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run Archive Stream (By: various)

In case you missed it, here are a handful of archives of the Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run. Don't forget, if you missed the event you can still donate using the link above! Also, you NEED to watch nickieroonie beat Celeste using nothing but their feet!

Giant Bomb Galleria

Giant Bomb Coloring Page Attempts (By: various)

Last week I put out a call for more community attempts at Dan Auer's Giant Bomb coloring booking sketch. Thanks to psydyl for pointing out a handful of Giant Bomb users have done so!

Community Activities


Giant Bomb's Pokemon Gynasium (By: Jan)

As mentioned earlier, Jan is hosting a community PokeMonday Tournament! If you are interested in joining, or just want to hang out with other Giant Bomb users and talk about Pokemon, then the link above is just for you!

I've Created An Unofficial VTC For American Truck Simulator (By: @dr1nkurmlkshake)

Inspired by Alex's coverage, there's a new community-run VTC for American Truck Simulator! I'm not even going to pretend to say I understand what any of that means, but you can use the link above to learn how you can join the fun!


I remember the Flatout racing series....
I remember the Flatout racing series....

Rip And Tear Into Some Fun Sequels (By: @humanity)

Humanity has ripped and teared their fair share in a number of video game sequels recently! As such, you can read all about their impressions of The Surge 2 and Doom Eternal on their latest blog.

Wreckfest Is A Great And Welcome B-tier Racer (By: @notnert427)

notnert427 has written an exhaustive and entertaining blog on why Bugbear's Wreckfest reminds them of the "glory days" of the B-tier driving/racing game from the previous decade.

"Games As A Service" Is Kinda Spoiling How I Enjoy Games (By: @sombre)

Sombre comments on how post-release DLC and "Games as a Service" have really impacted their ability to play the amount of games they have become accustomed to over the years.

Doom Eternal is still the dame of the Giant Bomb ball!
Doom Eternal is still the dame of the Giant Bomb ball!

DOOM, And The Eternal Lore Problem (By: @mooseymcman)

MooseyMcMan uses their latest blog on Giant Bomb to look at Doom Eternal and its struggles to convey a sense of world building through copious amounts of lore, especially datalogs.

Black Mesa Sucks (By: @lazyaza)

Lazyaza gave Black Mesa a try and talks about why they did not like playing the game from beginning to end and why nostalgia couldn't even help them to enjoy the HD graphics.

The Half-step, For Better, Worse And The Last 2 Decades: Resident Evil 3 Unscored Review (By: @infantpipoc)

infantpipoc writes about why they think Resident Evil 3 is a half-step forward for the Resident Evil reboot series, how the reboot series can find its footing, and their overall impressions of the Resident Evil franchise on their latest blog.

Are you up for some old-school FPS action?
Are you up for some old-school FPS action?

April 21st Cabin Fever Map Rotation (By: @hughjassman)

hughjassman has been playing a lot of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) during the quarantine decided to keep a record of which maps got voted on the most. Here are the results and use the link below to try and explain why that might be the case.

Mega Archive: Part XVII: From Desert Strike to Uncharted Waters +

Indie Game of the Week 167: Whispers of a Machine (By: @mento)

As always, Mento has a couple of blogs for you to enjoy this week! First, Mento continues their retrospective on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis with a look at such heavy-hitters as Desert Strike, Kid Chameleon, and Shining Force! Second, their latest "Indie Game of the Week" blog is all about Whispers of a Machine from Faravid Interactive! Give it a read and discover why they highly recommend it to any Gabriel Knight fans!

Discussions & Threads

Isn't it expected for a Mount & Blade game to be broken for at least a year?
Isn't it expected for a Mount & Blade game to be broken for at least a year?

What Do You Want The PS5 To Look Like... Not What Will It Be... But What Do You Think You Want? (By: @monkeyking1969)

Here's a fun discussion thread: what do you HOPE the PS5 looks like? Everyone's seen the supposed "leaked" images of the console's design, but what would you like the platform to do or have?

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Early Access Discussion Thread (By: @lead_dispencer)

Calling Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord owners! What are your impressions of the Early Access version of the game thus far? Has the game been glitchy for you? How do you think it compares to the original?

Dataminer Ninji Suggests New Features To Animal Crossing: New Horizons (By: @skyline7284)

Calling all Animal Crossing: New Horizons owners! What are your thoughts about the features "leaked" from the dataminer? Are there any features you are most looking forward to? Join the community discussion in debating the good and bad of the leak.

It's now appropriate to use this image again!
It's now appropriate to use this image again!

Ranking the Soulsborne Games (By: @prox)

Here's a new discussion thread on the forums inspired by Jan: how do you rank the "Soulsborne" games? Do Sekiro and Bloodborne compare favorably to the Dark Souls series? Join the discussion using the link above!

One Final Splatfest? (May 22-24) (By: @sawtooth)

Have you read up about the "FINAL" Splatfest for Splatoon 2 from May 22-24? It's a repeat of the first competition, but many users are excited at the news nonetheless!

Battlefield V Live Service Taken Off Life Support (By: @hayt)

Battlefield V's next update will be its last. What is your reaction to this news? Can you think of ways for the game to extend its lifespan? Would the game have been better had it not tried to emulate the "games as a service" model?

What's The Best "Lockdown" Content So Far? (By: @sombre)

Astroneer is almost MADE for Brad and Vinny's tomfoolery.
Astroneer is almost MADE for Brad and Vinny's tomfoolery.

Alright Giant Bomb community! What's your favorite Lockdown content so far? Are there any Lockdown streams/videos you hope become recurring series on Giant Bomb?

How Many People Started Playing This After Watching Vinny And Brad? (By: @kalos)

Speaking of which, has the Lockdown coverage of Astroneer inspired you to pick and give the game a try? Have you tried playing the game with a partner, or are you solo only?

User Reviews

Maybe naming video games is hard....
Maybe naming video games is hard....

Wiki Pages

You hate to see it!
You hate to see it!

Hirameki International Group Inc.

Many thanks to Bowl-of-Lentils for updating our company page for Hirameki International Group Inc.! Read why the defunct visual novel developer is one of the most influential Japanese game studios you've never heard of before!

Fuel Management

Partly inspired by Alex's Lockdown coverage of Truck Simulators, we now have a "Fuel Management" concept page! Give it a read and add any games that made you worry about fuel while driving things!