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    Artyom is the main character in Metro series. He was born in Moscow, but the war and destruction that drove everyone into the underground Metro happened while he was still young and he has lived the vast majority of his life in the Metro.

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    Artyom is the main character of the Metro series.

    Artyom was born in 2013, only days before the apocalypse that drove humanity underground to live in the tunnels of the Metro. He was raised in Timiryazevskaya Station but after being overrun by rats he was forced to move to Exhibition Station where he now lives with his stepfather. After meeting with Hunter, a Ranger who arrives at Exhibition to investigate the threat of the Dark Ones, he is entrusted with Hunter's Ranger token and is instructed to deliver it to Miller at Polis Station should he not return the next morning. Artyom eventually reaches Polis and delivers Hunters token and meets with the Polis council to request their help in defending Exhibition from the Dark Ones. After his request is denied, he and the Rangers decide to take matters into their own hands and reactivate D6; an old missile launch facility, to launch a nuclear strike against the Dark Ones and wipe them out.

    In Metro Last Light it is revealed that Artyom journeyed to the surface as a child and encountered a Dark One. This was the first contact between the two species, and a link was created that has allowed Artyom to receive visions from the beings.


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