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    Atsushi Inaba

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    Former CEO of Clover Studio, now a producer at PlatinumGames. He has been part of the creative forces behind many critically and commercially successful IPs for Capcom.

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    Before Atsushi Inaba joined Capcom in 1998, he previously worked at Irem and SNK, where he did programming work on Samurai Shodown. In an interview with Gamasutra(1), Inaba said he did not enjoy working with SNK at all. While working at SNK, he saw an advertisement in Famitsu that Capcom was hiring people to work on Resident Evil. After being hired by Capcom he was put on the Resident Evil 3 team, which started off as the "Resident Evil 1.5 project," when the PS2 was released, the team was changed over to the Resident Evil 4 team, which resulted in producing Devil May Cry. Despite his original intention to be involved with Resident Evil, he never worked on a released game for the series. 
    After leaving the RE4/DMC team, he became a producer at Capcom. Around 2002, along with Shinji Mikami, Inaba had the idea to create Clover Studio, which would work on original titles but still be part of Capcom, where he oversaw the production of games like Okami and God Hand. Upon the closure of Clover Studio, Inaba helped form PlatinumGames, where he is presently the executive director and producer within the R&D division.



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