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Genealogy of the Holy War

Ayra first appears in Chapter 1 of Genealogy of the Holy War, working as a hired thug for Prince Kinbois of Verdane. Ayra was forced to flee the Kingdom of Isaac with her nephew Prince Shanan after war broke out between Isaac and Grandbell. Kinbois used this opportunity to take Shanan as his hostage, ordering Ayra to fight Sigurd's army in exchange for his life. Unfortunately for Kinbois, Sigurd defeated him before Ayra could come to his aid, and rescued Shanan from Castle Genoa. When Ayra heard that Genoa had fallen, she raced to save Shanan, and tried to fight Sigurd. However Sigurd proved to Ayra that he had indeed rescued Shanan, so Ayra joined Sigurd's army to repay her debt.

Overtime, Ayra formed a friendship with Prince Quan of Leonster. Their fathers had been friends for years, so Quan was willing to extend an olive branch to Ayra knowing the character of her family. She explained to him that her father was assassinated by the Grandbellians, and that her brother Prince Maricle had likely been killed in battle. Knowing that members of the Grandbell Court was conspiring war, Quan promised to help Ayra anyway he could.

When Sigurd returned to Grandbell in order to fight Duke Langbalt and Duke Reptor, Sigurd gave Ayra the option to leave his army and return to Isaac with Shanan. Ayra told him that Shanan was now old enough to take care of himself, and that she intended to return to Isaac only when the war was finished. Ayra vanishes from the story following the Battle of Barharra. It is unknown if she was killed as part of the plot against Sigurd, or if she escaped.

If Ayra is paired up with one of available male characters, she giver birth to Larcei and Ulster prior to the Battle of Barharra.


In Fire Emblem: Awakening, Ayra appears as a free SpotPass character available for use. She also appears on some of the game's DLC maps.


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