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Mixed Emotions 1

I was looking forward to this game for a while now and I have mixed emotions with it.  I don't hate it, but I don't think it's worth $50 either.  This game has a lot of cool ideas and puts you in the sport as good as it could have without the "EA LowBall NFL license".  The passing idea is ok, but switching between players during a play is very complex and the range of passing is iffy.  The running is strange but has a good's very different from anything else out there....or anything t...

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A Rookie Season 0

Well with the summer beginning to wind down the best sport this side of poker is upon us, NFL Football. Lacing up the boots and grabbing pigskin on the gridiron is perhaps one of the last bastions’ of balls-breaking manliness people can see in a sport today. Even soccer, with all of it’s vuvuzelas, can’t touch the sport. But when it comes to video games Football, and most sports in general, have been mediocre at best. Streamlined, corporatized releases by EA when it comes to games like Ma...

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