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Mixed Emotions

I was looking forward to this game for a while now and I have mixed emotions with it.  I don't hate it, but I don't think it's worth $50 either.  This game has a lot of cool ideas and puts you in the sport as good as it could have without the "EA LowBall NFL license".  The passing idea is ok, but switching between players during a play is very complex and the range of passing is iffy.  The running is strange but has a good's very different from anything else out there....or anything that will come out.   Defensive side of the ball it just feels odd.  Picking off passes is difficult if you are wanting to do that yourself.  Tackles are very nice and sacking the quarterback is always fun when you are in "focus".  I am giving this game a chance and it does have my attention...just for the new ideas and putting you on the field like no other game, I can not completely bomb this game.   I do like it, but with the NFL license and a nicer budget, this could have been a very awsome game.  With the options offered and what you have at is not a disappointment.  True fans of the sport American football can appreciate this game if given a chance.

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