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    Backyard Soccer

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Jul 28, 1998

    The first Backyard Soccer game brought to us by Humongous Entertainment. Being the Backyard Soccer game, this game does not feature MLS players.

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    Backyard Soccer is a soccer sim that features the cartoon kids, we have all grown to love. This game was before all of the games started to feature professional players.

    Game Types

    Single - Play a single match with up to four players in any combination on the two teams.

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    Mini League - Up to four players can play in a mini-tournament featuring four teams.

    Penalties - Practice shooting penalty kicks, or defending them. Can be played with two players.

    Beach Tournament - Compete in a one-player three-round beach knockout championship for the Beach Tournament Cup.

    Season Play

    In Season Play, players can create a customized eight-player team and track statistics and the progress of all players during the season. Players identify themselves by creating a new coach to lead their team through a full Division schedule.


    Pablo Sanchez
    Pablo Sanchez
    1. Jocinda Smith
    2. Ronny Dobbs
    3. Mario Luna
    4. Achmed Khan
    5. Tony Delvecchio
    6. Dimitri Petrovich
    7. Gretchen Hasselhoff
    8. Lueane Lui
    9. Kimmy Eckman
    10. Ricky Johnson
    11. Annie Frazier
    12. Mikey Thomas
    13. Lisa Crocket
    14. Amir Khan
    15. Sally Dobbs
    16. Pete Wheeler
    17. Dante Robinson
    18. Vicki Kawaguchi
    19. Reese Worthington
    20. Kenny Kawaguchi
    21. Stephanie Morgan
    22. Sidney Weber
    23. Ashely Weber
    24. Angela Delvecchio
    25. Marky Dubois
    26. Pablo Sanchez
    27. Billy Jean Blackwood
    28. Jorge Garcia
    29. Ernie Steele
    30. Kiesha Phillips

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