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    Bane is a character from the DC Universe best known for breaking Batman's back. He was played by the late Robert "Jeep" Swenson in the film Batman & Robin and played by Tom Hardy in the film "The Dark Knight Rises".

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    Arkham Series

    Arkham Origins

    In Arkham Origins, Bane is one of the eight assassins hired by Black Mask to kill Batman. He also works for the Joker.

    Arkham Asylum

    At one point in the hit 2009 game Batman: Arkham Asylum, Harley Quinn takes the captured Commissioner Gordon to a room in Bane's holding area and the Joker orders Gordon to be killed should anyone in the area see Batman. Batman manages to infiltrate the area, knock out Quinn, and rescue Gordon, however Joker pumps the chemical tank on Bane's back full of Titan (a strain of Venom) and releases him. Bane tries to defeat Batman in hopes of then continuing on to kill Dr. Young who had been heavily involved in Bane's treatment at the Asylum, but by using Bane's brute force against him and disconnecting his chemical storage tank from him, Batman manages to defeat Bane.

    Batman makes his way through a manhole back out to the exterior of the Asylum where he meets with Gordon and says to him that Bane's attack had acted as a means for Quinn to escape. At this point Bane broke through the wall behind Batman, attempting to injure him and again saying that he would go on to kill Young, however Batman uses a remote to steer his Batmobile into Bane, causing Bane to drop him, and Bane and the Batmobile to go careening into the sea. Evidence would suggest that Bane is still alive, as the ending of the game will sometimes show Bane's arm grabbing a floating crate of Titan in the water (alternatively, it will sometimes show Scarecrow's arm, or Killer Croc's).

    Arkham City

    Bane returns in Arkham City, this time as a quest giver. If the player finds the building he is in, he'll task Batman with finding various tanks around the city filled with leftover Titan from the first game. If the player does so and returns to the building, Batman and Bane get surprised by a number of thugs. Batman then fights alongside the rather clumsy Bane (who has a habit of "accidentally" hitting Batman). But after they dispatch the thugs, Bane double crosses Batman as he had been collecting the Titan containers instead of destroying them. However, double crossing Batman is frowned upon, and the result is that Bane gets trapped, and Batman destroys the remaining Titan.


    The famous scene of the
    The famous scene of the "the man who broke the bat"

    Bane was born into prison life because of his father. There he would be experimented on using the drug Venom. While he uses the drug to gain insane strength, it is also his main weakness. Bane may seem like a dumb witted character (largely because of a certain film from the 90s) but he is actually more complex. For example, he created a scheme to wear Batman down by forcing him to fight many of his other foes in one night, which weakened Batman to the point where he could be easily defeated in combat. After he famously broke Batman's back, he was later literally beaten by Azreal, another comic book character who takes over for Bruce Wayne. He redesigns Batman's costume and takes down Bane. Bruce Wayne is impressed with Azreal but once he learns of his increasingly violent behavior and murders of criminals, Bruce resolves to reclaim his mantle. Bane returns to Gotham City but this time helps Batman take down drug lords.


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